1. You can fly with or without FTW-Sim economy system.

2. Pilots can fly FTW-Sim routes with aircrafts what Skylux has or IVAO tours, events and flights with any aircraft.

3. After you join our Discord, you will have short interview.

4. Discord is a requirement for all Skylux pilots.

5. Pilots who fly on IVAO are required to follow IVAO rules and guidelines.

6. Spreading copyrighted material is prohibited, unless you own the copyright or have written consent from the copyright owner.

7. Goal is realistic and fun experience, so behave and follow all rules and guidelines, on Discord, IVAO, FTW-Sim forums and everywhere.

8. IVAO pilots need follow IVAO rules and guidelines!


Markus Haapamäki "M4ketech" [603148]. CEO of Skylux Transport VA.